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The brand new generation of Top Mount from Mécano Alca!

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Built to last

The Top Mount is a platform or trailer boarding system, universal for three-wheeled forklifts. Manufactured, assembled and designed in Blainville, the Top Mount aims to make it easier for forklift operators to get out and store their machine safely.
We always have the necessary parts in stock to keep the
Top Mount running smoothly and to ensure the safety of its owner.

We offer two different
Top Mount models: the TM102 (102") and the TM120 (120")
The TM102 is the most standard and popular model considering the standards to be met in the transport industry. It is possible to install your
Top Mount on the side as well as on the back of your trailer/platform

Compatible with most forklift brands

Easy to install, robust and low maintenance

Rental available (on request)

Easy 4-step boarding

useful links

Download the user manual which includes:

  • Installation and assembly instructions;

  • Book of parts;

  • Maintenance Manual

Top Mount Flyer

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